Pondside is a cabin located within a private residency in Boothbay Harbor, Maine. The residency booklet describes the early years of the Pondside community when it was a family camp. There were individual log cabins and different tent options with dining in a central log cabin. That cabin is the one to the right as you stand at the top of the hill going down to the bay dock. We are not sure when Pondside was built or by whom. We think it was a lobsterman who later sold it to a family named Mewing. Then the Ludwigs bought it until the Zolper family purchased it in 1994. Mr. Ludwig was a German engineer who did a lot of the work on the house. He probably thought of and built the table on the porch. He kept a detailed inventory so that when we moved in it showed even the paring knives. Locals tell of enjoying the pond during the winter: ice skating, ice fishing and hockey. At one point, part of the land fronting on the pond was owned by a house owner but then given to the community. The other section of that now undeveloped land plus all the land on the other side of the pond was given to the Audubon Society who then turned it over to the Boothbay Region Land Trust (this means the land cannot be developed).

In terms of our family specifically, the Zolper family has been visiting Pondside for many years and has made many memories.

The Zolper Family