America in a downslide

America is in a state of unknown. A significant portion of our elect no longer represents our true best interests. Therefore, we protest and march in the streets, only to be lucky to be heard. Add in the generational gap delaying progress, and you have a stagnating superpower. There are many speculations on why all this is, but what’s becoming increasingly clear is that there is foul play.

Now, let’s get into some of the details of why we’re sliding downward. First, the pattern of decisions by politicians draws a picture of outside influence. How else could the Republican Party be one of the only remaining political parties in the world that does not support common sense Climate Change resolutions? [1] Next, American infrastructure is crumbling. [2] Engineers have assessed our infrastructure and given it a near failing grade. We are also beginning to see the results of this failing infrastructure with the deaths of Americans. [3] Third, throw into the mix that US students score poorly compared to other world nations and you have a underperforming populace. [4]

The only way I envision us dragging America away from its current track is by looking inward and being willing to be wrong. The more open to another person’s point of view,  the better I’ve come to realize the real overall picture. Over the years I’ve developed the critical thinking for questioning the status quo, but even so it’s hard to make a proper analysis if you are stuck with only your answers to a societal problem.

I hope this segment can spark a need for more open-mindedness so that we can begin to fill our minds with more of the realities that surround us.

Thanks for reading this piece, and remember the opinions are solely my own.

Yours in aspiration,

JJ Zolper

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