It’s time to reconsider what we center society on.

We prioritize looks. We prioritize money. We prioritize materialism. Before anyone suggests it, I’m just as guilty as anyone at times. We’re all guilty of the same faults. The difference though is if we want to see a new world we need to be confident in the ultimate goal. It starts with getting in a routine of thinking outside the typical core of what each day is spent doing. Having a livelihood and a career is important and it gives us a basis by which we can contribute value to society, but is it really the most important thing? Cancer still exists. Water shortage still exists. World hunger still exists. Do we want to be valued by what kind of car we drive or by how many people’s lives we have impacted? Human society can do better, a lot better.

Now, don’t get me wrong if I had the money for a Tesla Model S I would likely buy one. Someone could say that I’m contradicting myself here, yet my reasoning would be that it pays to be bold, conscientious of the environment, and willing to accept change. How else would we ever evolve? What we spend money on and most importantly why we spend that money determines who we are as a society.

I by no means think every person has to feel required to be philanthropic. I’m of the song that each person needs to do what is right for them. However, I think in 2017 that the world has largely globalized. What I do in Vienna, VA in the United States has real consequences on those in the most poor areas of the planet. We need to elevate our consciousness and act differently. At first it can be hard to see the benefits of this kind of thinking, I mean what have they done for me? But, in the long term my original statement stands. We impact them and they impact us. We cannot leave people in the dark ages and expect things to just be okay. I think if we can all start to view everyday with a deeper purpose we will begin to see real rewards that no amount of money could ever repay. By raising the most disadvantaged among us we raise the average of the collective, which is something we all benefit from. We create a more symbiotic world where what goes around comes around. We can aim to defeat greed in its most pure forms and create a world we can all be proud to live and benefit from.

If you’re in or better yet have an idea for how we can continue to expand the human consciousness please leave a comment. I’m always open to new ideas and projects to work on shifting for the status quo towards a standard that’s much more representative of what we’re capable of.

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