Why me? Why do I have money?

I don’t understand how some people end up with enough food, water, and shelter to live a decent life when there are so many other people around the world who barely survive from day to day. How come I was born into a better country with better schooling, healthcare, security, etc? To even take it a level further, why as a white man are my chances of reaching the middle class so much higher than that of a black man in America? Who decides whether I deserve more or less than someone else?

These are all questions I ask myself everyday. A lot of it seems to come back to money. Money quite frankly buys a better education, a better access to food, water, shelter, security, access, and so on. So how did this money thing come about anyways? And why does it still exist and serve such an unmistakable role in our society?

We have to travel way back in time to the days that humans traded and bartered for goods. This led to a monetary currency that has evolved in many ways over many thousands of years and has now ultimately arrived in the USD.

Why must it still exist? What true value does it serve? Isn’t it but a piece of paper that we treat with some made up worth? Isn’t that all it is?

In the modern era it serves as a medium of transaction between two parties. More often than not one of these parties has obtained more of this medium than the other, but why is that in the first place? What makes this individual more valuable to the world than the other? Shouldn’t the world be structured and driven by what adds value to the world, and not by who can simply earn the most of said medium regardless of it actually makes the world better or not? Let’s take a look at Wall Street for example, these guys can make exuberant amounts of money but are they truly adding any value back to the world? It’s pretty easy to argue that they are not adding value. On the other side if you take engineers, they get paid handsomely while they spend their days solving problems in the hopes of innovating and making the world a better place. Doesn’t the overall balance not make sense?

Isn’t it time we restructure society all together and conceive a world in which valued added to the community as a whole was not centralized in such a strong medium as money? I think so. I think currency is long overdue to be replaced and it is time that humanity evolves past it. I think if we do innovate a new paradigm, a lot of the inherent problems we see with money like greed will cease to exist because there is no reward. There would only be reward for the good doings of good people.

One solution I would propose is that every human should be rated by past good doing and it would be tracked in a global system. I imagine it almost like the bitcoin system but instead of monetary entries it would be values of “good”.

Please a leave comment below if you agree, or disagree as well. Tell me what you think is the future for humanity in terms of a facet of exchange? I want to hear your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “Why me? Why do I have money?

  1. Money is surely on its way out at some point. A large portion of the job market wastes its time messing with money and never achieving anything except the acquisition of more money. If money is involved someone is getting the short end of the stick no matter what. The very existence of the system especially our system with all of its loop holes leave most people at a serious disadvantage as the value of the goods and currency is manipulated for companies to reap massive profits. Leeching off the lower class.

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    1. I would agree, at some point it has to cease to exist. There will come a time when it will no longer serve a purpose. I most definitely follow your thought process and I would second it. The incentives encourage stepping over others to get ahead and I think in the future humanity can do a lot better.


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